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Everything I do is for the music. I want to master it like Bruce Lee mastered martial arts.

Dizzee Rascal
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A game of flow. Find the moment when you are in the zone, and rushing through the rings and you'll collect loads of ability points. Watch out for the hidden achievement (you can find out what it is inside the dashboard).

What's Flow?

When you're really absorbed in doing something, you can lose track of time, of yourself and pretty much anything else in the world except what you're doing. That's called Flow and it can be your most productive and happiest time.

45 Wisdom 70 Ability

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How to answer nightmare questions like this, without making enemies.

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How good a friend are you to yourself?

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Calm down dear, its only a roaring tiger.

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The most difficult thing to deal with was the betrayal.

Richard Bacon