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Fight right, collect Clear Sight and beat those enemies in Mount Wrong.

SuperSight is a game about reflection and wisdom. You are in Mount Wrong. Each arena has its own enemy, each with a different mode of attack. Different enemies require different responses. You can beat them - but only if you see clearly what is happening. When you see clearly you gain Clear Sight. You will learn when to move. When to stand your ground. When to ignore the voice that says 'you can't'. The Wise Guy is there to help you every time you get overwhelmed. Go forth.

Looking at Reflection

If you can see clearly how you are acting you'll score more points. Same as life: think accurately about the past and the present, learn from mistakes, and you'll have the power to improve the future.

100 Wisdom 100 Ability 100 Influence

Cheat Codes

What’s the story of your life?

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How good a friend are you to yourself?

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"Hey look, this is where your essay is supposed to be, but isn't"

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They told me I was too small and not good enough.

Shaun Wright Phillips